Marion County Cultural Development Corporation Plan

The MCDC was organized as an independent, non-profit, public benefit corporation for the purpose of enhancing the development of the visual arts, performance arts, narrative and literary arts, cultural tourism, heritage, history and natural history and humanities in Marion County, Oregon through the periodic distribution of grant monies from the Oregon Cultural Trust. The corporation fulfills this function by:

Award of grants to qualified applicants with funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust. Maintenance of a county-wide inventory of the stewards and providers of culture in a searchable database available to the public. Maintaining an up-to-date action plan for cultural development. Supporting those cultural activities that meet the goals of the corporation as states in the action plan. Serving as an advocate and forum for needs and issues related to arts, heritage and humanities.

   Promote awareness of Marion County's cultural assets and their value.

Goal: Increase public support and appreciation for local cultural offerings.

Strategies: Develop and maintain a county-wide inventory of stewards and providers of culture in Marion County. Encourage coordinated advertising and promotion of cultural events within the county. Encourage information sharing and cooperative advertising among the allied organizations in the neighboring counties.

Benchmarks: Use of the on line cultural resource inventory as measured by the number of hits on the website. Feedback from registered organizations, individuals, and culture-oriented businesses regarding increased audiences or services provided.

PRIORITY 2:   Strengthen Communities by upholding diverse cultural traditions as well as vital urban centers and the distinctive character of small towns and neighborhoods.

Goal: Promote mutual understanding among cultural groups by developing avenues of communication and information sharing. Raise pride in individual cultural identity by supporting festivals and other events that celebrate the county's small towns and ethnic communities. Strive for participation in the mainstream cultural opportunities of Marion County by a more diverse segment of the population.

Strategies: Promote documentary projects, traveling exhibitions, and touring performances that focus on diverse ethnic groups. Encourage sponsorship of cultural programs that reach rural communities. Encourage partnerships between local cultural groups and their parallel or affinity organizations to share information, expertise, services and strengthen programs.

Benchmarks: Number of projects that encourage cultural programs traveling in towns with populations of 3,000 or less. Number of projects that support the growth and awareness of cultural opportunities for the many ethnic groups in Marion County.

  Inspire YOUTH to engage in creative expression and heritage activities and support their efforts to develop cultural awareness and proficiency.

Goal: Increase the number of young participants, grades K-12, in the arts, heritage and humanities programs both in and outside of the school setting.

Strategies: Support non-profit organizations that provide extracurricular opportunities to youths in music the arts and heritage activities. Support non-profit organizations that sponsor artist-in-residence programs, traveling performers or heritage interpreters as a means of supplementing publicly-funded cultural curriculum offerings.

Benchmarks: Number of funded projects targeted to a youth audience. Number of youth participating in funded projects.